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I am grateful for the positive feedback from those that I am connected to. 

I hope these kind words offer you an insight into the many journeys to individual pathways. 

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Wellbeing Circles Participant

I met Annette this year when I joined one of her online Wellbeing Circles and have been a regular ever since. I really appreciate the special space she creates for us each time we get together. The shared wisdom in her group and connection is doing wonders for everyone, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. Annette is a true gem. The generosity, intellect and passion she brings to her work is so uplifting, as she leads us in thought provoking reflections on what matters most in life - mind, body, heart and spirit! 


Early Childhood Assistant who has commenced further studies

Annette has been an inspiring mentor to me and I can't thank her enough. When we first met, I told her about my dream to pursue my career in Early Education. At the time my self confidence was lacking and I did not know where to begin. I immediately felt comfortable with her and she was genuinely invested in helping me reach my future aspirations. Annette encouraged me to persevere through my thoughts and she inspired me to start my study to become a teacher. Now I am one year into my bachelor degree and feel like I am finally doing what I love. 


Beautiful 11 year old

I met Annette and love to see her.  She is ‘my special’ friend and we talk about things I want to do, like being confident and being a leader.



Wellbeing Circles Participant

You are an inspiration Annette! I appreciate the time you spend organising the material, facilitating and your always wise insights on various topics. 


Wife and busy working mum of two

Annette has a purposeful approach to life and contributing to her community.  In the 13+ years that I have known her, she has been a consistent source of clarity and direction to me as I navigated motherhood, new career aspirations and personal pursuits. Annette's approach is intuitive, yet practical. A no-nonsence approach to attaining personal growth and achievement.  I owe a great deal to Annette for which I am eternally grateful.


Professional and busy mum

I’ve known Annette for more than a decade. Our children went to secondary school together. I was always very impressed with her dedication and commitment to improving the school environment for all pupils. She is a very caring person and always has people’s best interest at heart. I wish Annette well in her new endeavour!


Beautiful 11 year old

I met Annette and love to see her.  She is ‘my special’ friend and we talk about things I want to do, like being confident and being a leader.

It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to support the following organisations.

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