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Our desire at New Pathways is to accompany individuals and families to achieve their best, to adapt to changing environments and find a sense of inner strength and wellbeing. 


Transitions and change are a natural part of life.  But we often become overwhelmed and unsure.  Each phase of life, each transition calls upon us to see the world differently and respond, and in doing so we are called upon to develop different capacities to achieve and sustain our wellbeing.


The key to holistic wellbeing is finding ways to enhance your heart, mind, body and spirit.  At New Pathways we call it our Holistic Life Model.   Our approach to coaching and training uses these insights to support clients.  We help you to uncover strategies and make choices to support all four parts of wellbeing.  


We offer a practical and individual approach that enables us to accompany you to implement strategies to support a holistic life approach. 


Our services offer:

  • Flexible 1 to 1 life coaching service face to face, but with the current physical distancing due to COVID-19 we are now supporting clients online.  

  • Family sessions

  • Training and Motivational Speaking Workshops

  • Wellbeing Circles 

  • Wellbeing Retreat

  • Monthly Newsletter


We are based in Melbourne and work throughout the eastern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula.


We would be delighted to accompany you – please reach out today

New Pathways Life Coaching

Annette Subhani

Annette Subhani - Life Coach

Annette is an enthusiastic and motivated woman. She thrives to make a difference in the world and accompany others to reach their potential and to improve personal strength and wellbeing.


Annette has gone through many life challenges and come out the other side.  Like everyone she has daily battles but has a desire to contribute to building a better world.  She volunteers at the local community level.


Annette draws upon her varied professional life when accompanying others to discover and walk their new pathway. 


Her background covers:

  • Business

  • Child and Adolescence Education

  • Training & Development

  • Community Development

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Counselling and Personal Healing

Formal training includes:

  • Dynamic Goal Setting & Life Planning

  • Human Resource Development, Recruitment and Training

  • Teacher and Trainer - Early Childhood and Primary School years

  • Presenter - G.A.T.E.WAYS (programs for gifted children)

  • Lifeline, CareRing & Men’s Crisis Line Counselling

  • Virtues Project Facilitator

  • Facilitator and Trainer – Sharing Circles Character Development Program

  • Initiator and Facilitator Community Development programs

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Mindfulness Facilitator

  • Parenting Program Facilitator


She would be honoured to accompany you and would welcome the opportunity to hear from you, to talk through your unique pathway forward.