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1 to 1 Coaching


At New Pathways we focus on accompanying our clients through the many normal, but often challenging life transitions.  Our personal coaching offers a unique approach where we personally accompany and support you by individualising our support and make regular contact to empower meaningful change. 


We accompany you to recognise the shifts in life that often create pressure, stress and anxiety, and support you to reflect on the cause of your challenges.  We guide you to decide on specific strategies and accompany you to work towards gaining the natural balance of life. 


Some common life transitions include:

  • Maintaining Balanced Wellbeing during a Crisis 

  • Personal Development, Life Balance & Emotional Distress

  • Life Transitions – marriage, pregnancy, children starting school, school transitions, retirement, divorce 

  • Health & Fitness – new image and balance, weight loss and fitness, recovery after injury or illness

  • Career & Study – future directions and options 

  • Business – changing careers, establishing a business 


Our service offers 1 to 1 personal sessions or small groups as necessary.  We create a personal program for an individual session or purpose built packages of 6 or 10 sessions.   We will refer you to other specialists as necessary to ensure you gain all the support you need.  


New Pathways offers a mobile service and can arrange to meet you where you are most comfortable. Whether this is in a clinic setting, public place, café, park or alternate setting, we will create a space that offers you a place of discovery and healing.  


During the current physical distancing, due to COVID-19 we are supporting clients online.  


Congratulations for taking first steps to explore support options and be aware that we would be delighted to support you.


New Pathways 'Life Model'

The key to holistic wellbeing is finding ways to enhance your heart, mind, body and spirit.  At New Pathways we call it our Holistic Life Model.   


What we are uncovering while working with clients, is that holistic wellbeing is more than developing a strong and healthy body, or understanding our emotions, or even making time to practice mindfulness and find a sense of balance.   There is a need to also nurture our inner health and spirit.  The foundations to this once known and named, enables us to uncover the mysteries of empowerment and true wellbeing.


Each aspect of the New Pathways Life Model has a part to play in creating a sense of wellbeing and balance.  Our coaching approach is practical and personal to support clients to make choices to support all four parts of wellbeing and to bring about meaningful and long lasting change to – heart, mind, body and spirit.  


We also offer motivational and educational community workshops on our New Pathways Life Model.


We would be thrilled to hear from you, so we can discuss your individual needs and consider how best to offer you the support needed at this time of change.



This small resource offers my top strategies to build a strong family, with suggestions for regular routines and approaches.

Creating Routines and Building our Wellbeing Planner

I have put together a daily planner to help families create balance and activity to support all aspects of life - our heart, mind, body and spirit.  Yes, it is flexible to each family's situation, but it can be a great basis for family consultation and decision making. 


The isolation we are witnessing can be a great opportunity to ignite change and restart family foundations. 


I would love to hear your thoughts of how it helps your family.

Gift Certificates


Gift Certificates are available $80 for a 1 hour New Pathways Gift Session.

If you have a friend or family member needing a little extra support or craving a sense of well-being, our New Pathways Gift Session can offer them the gift of being accompanied through one of life transitions. 


If you are looking for a group gift, something a group can all chip into, the New Pathways Gift Session provides a unique experience that is sure to change their life.